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Headz4Health – Hair Fall Control Program


Our Hair fall control program helps to control excessive hair fall and helps maintain healthy beautiful looking hair for both men and women. No invasive procedures, no medicines. So no need to worry about side effects also with our hair loss control program(HLCP). You can try this program comfortably.We at Headz Hair Fixing, not only focus on the after hair loss solutions. We always have been doing research on all aspects of hair fall control solutions as well.

Now, we have found a 360 degree solution, combining Nutrition, Scalp Care and Hair Strengthening. This is a  tried and successful solution with many of our customers. Our Hair loss control program is totally non invasive and natural therapy using world’s best products.

Our Hair Fall Control program includes

  • Monthly hair spa with unique patented hair loss control ingredients
  • Pure Virgin Coconut Oil from Kerala Serum
  • Hair fall control shampoo
  • Hair fall control Conditioner
  • Scalp Serums with unique patented formulas 
  • Headz Detangler Hair Brush for hair fall control
  • Biotin food supplements
hair fall control

Hair Fall Control Program

STEP 1 : Intense Oiling

Scalp Serum with Unique Patented Formulas

Pure Virgin Coconut Oil from Kerala Serum- applying hair oil and massaging. It helps to stimulate blood flow to the scalp.

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STEP 2 : Deep Cleansing

Hair fall Control Shampoo (pH Balanced)

Hair fall control shampoo – deep cleansing with PH balanced shampoo, which is a blend of botanical ingredients like mulberry leaf extracts and ginseng extracts- gives fuller looking hair while redu…

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STEP 3 : Conditioning

Hair fall Control Conditioner (pH Balanced)

Hair fall control Conditioner – Conditioning hair with our unique revitalizing mask and the steaming hair which helps to penetrate the mask into the scalp and gives fuller looking hair.

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STEP 4 : Scalp Health

Scalp Serums with unique patented scalp revitalizing complex

Scalp Serums with unique patented scalp revitalizing complex. – Applying scalp tonic which is a blend of botanical extracts like lycoris root extract, saw palmetto, shizo extract and green rooibos….

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STEP 5 : Headz Detangler Brush

Massages and nourishes the scalp

Headz Detangler Brush is an unique product with an unique design of bristles. It helps protect damaged hair while brushing and removes tangles while combing.

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STEP 6 : Biotin Food Supplements

Biotin is a key ingredient for hair, skin and nail health

Nutrients like biotin plays important role for hair nutrition. Biotin is important in enzymatic reactions involving the formation of keratin, which is the key structural component of hair. Contai…

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Welcome to the World of Healthy Hair

hair fall control

Monthly Hair Spa

Hair Spa with unique patented hair loss control ingredients. Hair spa treatments contribute to a healthy scalp and nourished hair. Hair spa should be done at least once a month to achieve healthy hair. However, taking care of your hair post treatment is as important as getting it done.

hair fall control

Benefits Of Hair Spa

Removes impurities and unclogs scalp pores. Cleansing your scalp is as necessary as the rest of your skin. Improves blood circulation, Normalizes oil secretion, Moisturizes hair and scalp. Effective in reducing dandruff Reduces stress.

hair fall control

Hair Fall Control Packages

We offer 3 months and 6 months Hair Fall Control Packages. Our Customer gets Hair fall control kit, Hair spa every month, Hair Analysis and Suggestions on each visit. For cost and more details please call your nearest branch or Call our common helpline number +91-98866 11110

Watch our complete HAIR FALL CONTROL PROGRAM procedure video